Tuesday’s Tips

Photo courtesy of www.barbecue-party.com

Today’s Tuesday – so here’s a tip for you. Keep your grill clean. Nothing messes up a good grilling session than a dirty grill. Burnt on food can turn rancid, and scrapping it into your new fire causes an acrid smoke flavor. It can get even worse on a low slow cook of barbecue. Ever bite into a succulent juicy rib, only to be immediately repulsed by the flavor of dirty smoke?  Keep it clean Joe.

PS. I was part of a team of elite foodies and a barbecue legendess (She’s like a princess with her pedigree!) who took part in a super secret pork rib-off of Manhattan’s barbecue restaurants yesterday ins a super secret location.. The very surprising results will be posted soon.

PPS – To all my loyal Jewish friends and readers – Happy Pasach! And sorry for the post about pork. My bad.

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