Memorial Day Cook

Holy shit – he wrote cook. Yes, unbelievers, I am actually lighting a fire this Memorial Day.

Ya see, my brother Matt and his wonderful wife Amy are stopping by Brooklyn tomorrow. Matt, in case you don’t know, is the pitmaster at Fletcher’s BBQ opening soon in the realty-agent christened Gowanus neighborhood of Brooklyn, USA. Matt honed his skills at RUB BBQ in Manhattan – so I’m telling you, the boy can cook.

We’re planning on an afternoon grazing session, so I’m doing some pre-prep today. I’m digging back into my past and resurrecting the “Quest for the Golden Chicken” that I started way back in 2005. Shit. That was seven years ago. Wow. The picture above is from 2005. Nicely done legs and over cooked wings.

I’m also planning a few other things. I’ve got a chuck roast that’s been aging in my freezer, that should make some interesting pit beef. We’ve got ground beef for burgers, a bunch of Nathan’s hot dogs, and some Texas BBQ sausages.

Then of course there is going to be the sides. The only one I’ve settled on is a Jalapeno Potato Salad that’s been one of my favorite recipes ever since I read about it in “The Legends of Texas Barbecue Cookbook,” by Robb Walsh.

Tomorrow should be a great day!

PS – Some of you may notice that I’m linking back to my original blog WhiteTrashBBQ on Blogspot. There’s a lot of information on that site and I’d be crazy not to reference when it’s appropriate. 

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  1. nibblemethis says:

    Congrats to Matt. Are you going to post up about your chuck roast and the aging process when it's done? I'm curious about that.

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