Memorial Day Cook – The Truth

Yes, we had a cookout on Memorial Day, but it wasn’t exactly what I had planned. Matt Fisher from Fletcher’s BBQ and his family joined mine and we cooked in my backyard.

Well, I didn’t cook. Matt did.

Matt lit the fire and manned the grill.

We had chicken legs seasoned with rub from the magic rub jar.

We had some sort of chuck roast that Matt butterflied and rubbed with my beef rib rub.

We had grilled portabello mushrooms, which Matt grilled.

We had a green salad that my daughter made.

We had a pear cobler that my wife baked. We had an ice cream cake that Amy brought.

Oh, I did do one thing. I bought a loaf on lard bread from Vito’s Bakery in Sheepshead Bay.

We didn’t take any pictures.

All and all it was a good day.


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  1. endisnizo says:

    l.o.v.e. it soooo much!

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