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Memorial Day Cook – The Truth

Yes, we had a cookout on Memorial Day, but it wasn’t exactly what I had planned. Matt Fisher from Fletcher’s BBQ and his family joined mine and we cooked in my backyard. Well, I didn’t cook. Matt did. Matt lit … Continue reading

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Ternera a la Llanera — Wherefore Art Thou?

Photo courtesy of The above photo was taken at a Lower East Side of Manhattan street fair, sometime in the past. I don’t know which fair. I don’t know when. All I know is I want to be at that … Continue reading

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Tuesday’s Tips

Today’s Tuesday – so here’s a tip for you. Keep your grill clean. Nothing messes up a good grilling session than a dirty grill. Burnt on food can turn rancid, and scrapping it into your new fire causes an acrid … Continue reading

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BBQ Recipes: Shrimp and Sausage Po’ Boy

Photo: Daily News You may have recently seen your favorite blogger written up in the The New York Daily News with his Shrimp and Sausage Po’ Boy Recipe. The article rightly focused on Grillin’ On The Bay, New York’s only … Continue reading

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Grillers Get Fired Up

Hey – I made the New York Daily News today.  Here’s the article. Where there’s smoke, there’s barbecue. Article by Ben Chapman,  Daily News Staff Writer Grilled food fanatics from around the city will be out in force for Saturday’s Grillin’ … Continue reading

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